Lakeshore News

Pizza Delivery Driver Robbed in Manitowoc

On Tuesday, January 26th at 1858 hrs, officers were dispatched to South 19th Street and Franklin Street for an armed robbery of a pizza delivery driver. The victim told police that he was approached by two male subjects and was asked for a light as he motioned like he was going to light a cigarette. One suspect then displayed a handgun and demanded the driver’s money. Both suspects left walking northbound.

Officers located two sets of footprints running away from the scene. As officers began following the footprints, a witness approached officers and pointed out the house the suspects ran to. The footprints led up to the front porch. Officers surrounded the house and were assisted by Manitowoc County Sheriffs Deputies.

Officers were able to make contact with one occupant at the residence by calling on the PA system. Shortly after the renter exited the residence, the two suspects fled from the house. Even though a perimeter was set up around the residence and the suspects were contained to that block, they refused to listen to officers’ commands to stop running.

One of the suspects was taken into custody after being tased and the other was arrested after being bit by K9 Major.

The alleged gun, cash, and delivery receipts were located inside the residence.

Both Manitowoc men were arrested for Armed Robbery and Resisting Arrest.  One suspect was also charged with felony Bail Jumping and a criminal warrant.


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