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Cow of the Year

MapletonVlyLTBorroloola.jpgMapleton Vly LT Borroloola, a seven-year-old Milking Shorthorn bred and owned by Mapleton Valley Farms LLC of Oconomowoc, is the 2017 Wisconsin Cow of the Year. Borroloola will be recognized with the honor at a special ceremony Oct. 3 during this year’s World Dairy Expo.

Each year, a different Wisconsin purebred cattle association selects a cow to represent her breed as the Cow of the Year at World Dairy Expo, with the honor rotated annually between the seven major dairy breeds (Guernsey, Ayrshire, Holstein, Red & White Holstein, Brown Swiss, Jersey, and Milking Shorthorn). The Milking Shorthorn will be recognized this year.

Affectionately known as “Loola,” the 2017 Cow of the Year has Australian roots. In 2008, the Agnew family, owners of Mapleton Valley Farms, purchased a heifer consigned by the Alpha Syndicate featuring outstanding embryo-transfer offspring of several breeds. The heifer, Alfa Treble Bailey EXP ET, resulted from embryos imported to the United States by the Alpha Syndicate from Australia. The Australian Illawarra donor, Meadowhaven Blossom 460th, was Champion at the Melbourne Show.

This heifer, “Bailey,” offered at public sale, presented Mapleton Valley with an opportunity to add a special cow family to their herd. Loola is Bailey’s natural calf and is classified 3E92 at seven years old. She is sired by an All-American Innisfail Lothario. Loola’s embryo transfer sister sold in Expo’s World Premier Colored breed sale a few years ago, and Mapleton Valley sold Borroloola’s first heifer calf privately to a junior dairy enthusiast to start his Milking Shorthorn herd. Born Sept. 10, 2010, Loola recently earned her third “E” (Excellent) rating. In her first four lactations she has produced: 85,887 lbs milk, 3.9 % Fat, 3.0 % Protein. She recently freshened again in May.

Pat and Phyllis Agnew, along with their children, Katie, and Tom with his wife, Keely, and children Bryn and Blake, all contribute to farm operations at Mapleton Valley Farms. Their 60-cow milking herd has been on the Dairy Herd Improvement Association with the Dodge County Testing Association since the early 1960s. The farm has been in the Agnew family since 1907. Pat and Phyllis started their Milking Shorthorn herd in 1978, receiving their first animal as a wedding gift from special friends. Both Pat and Katie have served as AMSS national directors, and Tom has judged shows from local to national levels. Katie is a high school science teacher and Tom also owns a dairy farm supply company.

Wisconsin Cow of the Year is a special honor for the Agnews, as Phyllis’s family bred and owned the first Milking Shorthorn to be honored. Willard and Sylvia Gerner, along with their son, Jeff and his wife, Monica, showed Weg Acres Major’s Faith at World Dairy Expo as the breed’s first recipient of the honor in 1983.

What’s in a name? The Agnew’s decided to choose unique, Australian city names for the offspring from Bailey…thus, Borroloola.

The Cow of the Year ceremony is organized annually by DATCP. The 2017 ceremony will be held at approximately 3:30 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 3 during the Milking Shorthorn Heifer Show. The award will be presented by the DATCP Secretary and 70th Alice in Dairyland Crystal Siemers-Peterman.

This year’s World Dairy Expo is scheduled Oct. 3-7. The annual dairy and trade show draws more than 70,000 visitors to Madison from around the world. Learn more at

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Man Accused of Setting Fire to Bar…Posts It On Facebook

Sounds like they’re going to need a Bar Rescue.

The Southeast Missourian reports that Kevin Coomer, 34, of Burfordville, Missouri, is accused of breaking into and setting fire to Jax Bar and Grill in Delta early Saturday. He is being held on $50,000 at the Cape Girardeau County Justice Center.

Delta Police Chief Verlan Graham said the structure appears to be a total loss but that no one was injured.

On Friday night Coomer posted on Facebook, writing, “I’m on my way to Delta now to do two things, fight and fight some more.”

He later posted eight photos of the fire to Facebook and tagged the bar. He later added a caption to one of the pictures that he had broken into the bar, and then made derogatory statements about the owner Jack Coomer, who shares his surname.

Coomer also changed his profile picture on Facebook adding a photo of him standing in front of the burning bar with the caption, “burn in hell JAX bar!!”

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111 Year Old Woman Credits Whiskey with her Long Life

According to Inside Edition, Grace Jones celebrated her 111th birthday this weekend.

Her 79-year-old daughter, Deidre McCarthy said, “She had a wonderful party on Saturday, followed by a lovely party on Sunday.”

The secret to her longevity, McCarthy said, is a nice shot of Scotch whisky every night before bed.

“She’s been doing it for 58 years,” McCarthy said. “She swears by it.”

Her friends call her “Amazing Grace.” She lives on her own, reads every day and watches television.

“She always looks nice no matter when you go over,” said McCarthy.

Her daughter said she thinks Jones’ outlook on life is really what carries her through. “She doesn’t worry. She’s always said, ‘Worry doesn’t do you any good at all.’’’


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Cactus-Napping in Arkansas

A 19-year-old in Little Rock, Arkansas allegedly had his favorite cactus stolen and he needs your help finding it, reports the Huffington Post.

The man posted a sign featuring an image of the missing cactus that reads, “Terence (Answers to Terry).” Noting that the plant was “last seen on my front porch on Center Street.”

The sign also has a phone number for William D. Gould. Gould explains that Terrence has been missing since September 5, 2017 and was taken suddenly from his front porch.

Gould even set up a GoFundMe page explaining how Terence disappeared in the first place. He writes, “I would often leave Terrence out on my front porch while I was in class or at work in order for him to enjoy the fresh air and natural sunlight.  And then he was cactus-napped.”

He adds, “The very next day I put up flyers around my neighborhood in case anyone say him, but besides a few prank calls I have heard nothing.  I am creating this go fund me to hire a private investigator in order to locate Terrence and bring him home.”

Gould claims Terrence has a brother cactus, named Clarence, who understandably “hasn’t spoken much since the cactus-napping.” So, if you should see a cactus in Arkansas in a terra cotta pot that appears to be lost, please help bring him home.

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Fun Police?

Appleton East’s School Resource Officer Taschner looks like he’s shutting down fun at their football game being the “fun police” – but then the crowd joins in on what is apparently a school tradition.  Great to see police and youth working together and having fun!

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Two Men Caught with Stolen Light Pole on Their SUV

Two men were arrested in Jacksonville, Florida for allegedly attempting to steal a light pole after Hurricane Irma, reports the Sun Sentinel.

According to a police report, an officer heard over the radio that two shirtless men were loading a large street light pole on top of a Gray Kia Sorrento.

The officer noticed an approximately twenty foot-long light pole was missing from the top of a local bridge and saw the Kia driving eastbound with the pole, valued at $2,500, on its roof.

The officer pulled over Victor Walter Apeler and Blake Lee Waller and took them into custody for questioning. Apeler insisted to the officer that he was moving the pole because it was laying on the ground close to lanes of traffic.

However, officers did a pawn database search and found that Apeler had 72 scrap metal-related sales since January. He was arrested and charged with grand theft and Waller also was arrested and charged with grand theft.

The Jackonville Sheriff’s Department posted a photo of the suspects, the vehicle and the pole on Twitterand they remind citizens that after a hurricane, “it’s not finders keepers.”

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Man Arrested For Chasing Daughter While Wearing Clown Mask

And the father of the year award goes to… anyone but this guy.  A Boardman Township, Ohio man named Vernon Barrett Jr. was charged by police after chasing his 6-year-old daughter around a neighborhood while wearing a clown mask, reports Cleveland’s Fox8.

According to police, the young girl was so frightened that she jumped into a stranger’s car, and then ran down the street and right into a different person’s apartment. She screamed to the family inside that a clown was chasing her.

A man in the house looked out the window and saw a clown in his front yard.

Dion Santiago quickly ran outside and fired a gunshot into the ground, but didn’t hit Barrett, who was still wearing clown mask, according to police.

Barrett was charged with child endangerment and inducing panic and Santiago was charged with using weapons while intoxicated.

The father explained to police that he chased his daughter to discipline her because he did not believe in spanking her.